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A comfortable house in a developer standard at an affordable price

and move into it in just two months!

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Total area: 88 m2 | Price: 3500 PLN net / m2

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A small residential house in a developer's standard

Are you dreaming of a small house where you will find everything you need? At Module House, we thought about it and created QTHome, i.e. a house where you can live even within 2 months of signing the contract. With rising prices, affordability is no less important!


Find out more and see why QTHome is a solution worth your attention.

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Floor plans


0.1. Vestibule of 3,8m2
0.2. Kitchen 7,0m2
0.3. Bathroom 1.,5m2
0.4. Living room 21,7m2
0.5. Staircase of 2,1m2




1.1. Staircase 4,9m2
1.2. Bathroom 4,1m2
1.3. Bedroom 11,7m2
1.4. Bedroom 9,2m2



We take care of the planet by planting new trees


We know how much responsibility for the environment lies with local companies.


Following the principle of "think globally, act locally", we care for our planet by engaging in activities that change our environment for the better.


We want to balance the demand for the natural building material we use - wood. Therefore, in cooperation with the local forest inspectorate, we plant forests.


Each house built is ten trees that we have planted.

We build responsibly

About us


Jesteśmy producentem domów drewnianych w konstrukcji szkieletowej. Doświadczenie zdobyte przy wznoszeniu setek budynków, pozwala nam na dostarczanie sprawdzonych, niezawodnych rozwiązań, które wpływają na trwałość i komfortowe użytkowanie budynku przez długie lata. Głównym materiałem wykorzystywanym przez nas do wznoszenia budynków, jest pozyskiwane ze Skandynawii, impregnowane ciśnieniowo drewno. Dzięki zastosowaniu wysokojakościowych materiałów, nasze domy zachowują swoje parametry przez lata.

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we have been a producer of wooden houses for so many years


this is how many houses were manufactured in the last year alone


so many new trees were planted last year alone


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